Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Fall Sensory Bin and Memory Verse

Fall sensory and scripture bins! Have fun and learn and grow with this fall themed sensory bin. My 2.5 year old loves scooping and playing with the corn. My 5 year old really enjoyed sorting and examining the different leaves and also making patterns with the big leaves.

Introduce one activity at a time and then mix them all together:

🐿 Acorns - sort small/large, sort by color, spell name (if you choose to have letters written on)

🐿 Acrylic fall items - sort leaves by shapes, sort items by color, patterns, use sorting sheet, pick up with tongs

🐿 Silk leaves - there are 4 of each color, match them or make patterns with the leaves

🐿 Scripture - say these verses as you play. Put the cards in a place where you will see it often and read them out loud when you do. What great discussion can be had when you talk about how the seasons change, but our God never does! He is always good in every season.

🐿 Fun - scoop, play, use your imagination!

Grab a Pre-made Kit

Each pre-made kit includes:
🍂 3 lbs field corn
🍃 bag of 25 assorted acrylic leaves and pumpkins/acorns
🍂 bag of 36 silk leaves (in 8 different colors/patterns)
🍃 bag of small and large acorns - 16 total (if you want letters on them to spell a name just let me know when ordering)
🍂 2 laminated verse cards (Isaiah 40:8 and Hebrews 13:8)
🍃 laminated color sorting paper
🍂 2 coloring / tracing pages (level 1: trace 1/2 words, level 2: trace all the words)
🍃 wooden tong and 2 mini wooden spoons

🍁 $15 without the bin or
🍁 $20 with the 12x12 bin
🍁 need it shipped? Contact me for a quote
❌ some pieces are a choking hazard, not for children under 3 without adult supervision ❌

Prep Yourself

Here's the items I used for this sensory bin from amazon (affiliate links)

And then grab some field corn from your local Tractor Supply!


If you are using these activities or any of these ideas, I'd love to see! Please tag me @BreezyMotherhood on Instagram and/or Facebook and be sure to follow too! ;) 

Sunday, October 11, 2020

Pumpkin Walk Scavenger Hunt Activities

Hello October! Pumpkins are everywhere right now and going on pumpkin scavenger hunts are our new after dinner family walk activity.

Outdoor scavenger hunts have been a life saver for us since March. Literally we have done it all, numbers, flowers, planes, dogs...you name it, we've hunted for it.

Tonight I quickly make a couple pumpkin tally sheets for my kids as we went on our walk. My two year got a simply tally sheet - she basically just did her own thing. And the sheet for my five year old was separated by types of pumpkins - real, plastic, and inflatable. They were both excited to search for pumpkins and tally on their sheets!

Almost every house by us has some kind of pumpkins out, and some houses have like twenty! So to make sure we kept walking, we would do one tally for each type of pumpkin we saw at each house.

When we got home, and the kids were in bed, I made some more pumpkin scavenger hunt sheets to use next time on my computer. Of course the construction paper version works too, but this makes it easier to share with all of you! ;) 

Download these pumpkin scavenger hunts for FREE! 4 levels include:

  1. Tally pumpkins
  2. Tally pumpkins sorted into real/plastic/inflatable
  3. 10 frame pumpkins - Fill in one square for each type of pumpkin you find and see if you can get to 10 for each type
  4. 100 chart pumpkins - Fill in one number on the 100s chart each time you see any type of pumpkin
Enjoy! If you use these, please take a picture and tag me @BreezyMotherhood! I'd love to hear go it goes!
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