Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Special Ed Exams - Frosted Christmas Trees

Update 10/18: This post has been moved to my *NEW* special ed blog, Breezy Special Ed. Head on over to see this post on Special Ed Exams - Frosted Christmas Trees

Wedding Items from VistaPrint!

Today I noticed VistaPrint is having one of their "everything's FREE" sales again - and I started to remember all of the cool things that I made for our wedding using VistaPrint!

First, to begin with, I made Save the Date postcards. I believe this cost me about $3.50 (in shipping) for 100 postcards! And I got to use one of our super cute pictures!
I used the postcards again to create our RSVPs to go with our invitations. I was planning on saving money on stamps by using postcards...but then I forgot to stamp the postcards anyway...haha, they still all made it back to us!
And I thought the back of the RSVP was fun! I enjoyed giving people a spot to write something fun - made them more fun to get back too!
And for the wedding invitations, I created address labels that had the same picture that we used for our Save the Date cards!
And of course I made a lot of fun things too, including calendars with all of our engagement pictures, and just recently with all our of wedding pictures!
I've also made countless gifts on VistaPrint as well! On one of my orders I got a wall calendar, a mug, a tote, business cards, and sticky notes for just $6.89 shipped!!!

Have you ever made anything off VistaPrint? What was it? Was it just awesome? Please share!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Dollar Tree decor - wall stickers!

So I was wandering around blog land tonight and honestly saw the exact same project that I had made a while back with my dear friend Melissa and never blogged about! Seriously check out this sign at Loving Life - it's like we are twins separated at birth! :) I'm glad that inspired me to post - enjoy!

Anyway, so I'm not sure if you've ever noticed but the Dollar Tree has some pretty awesome stuff. I've picked up a few wall decal/stickers there to decorate our lovely apartment! Check it out.
This first one didn't take much work. I simply put the sticker above our photo canvas. LOVE!
This second one is just on a piece of wood from Lowes (Did you know they can cut the wood for you into any size you want?!) that I painted with leftover house paint, distressed the sides just a little bit, and then stuck it on! Seriously, it doesn't get too much easier! (I thought about adding some ribbon on the back to hang up - but haven't gotten around to it...and it looks cute on this little shelf!)
So check out your dollar store! And share! I love seeing your projects! :)
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