Thursday, August 27, 2020

Bug Sensory Preschool Activities and Memory Verse

My two and a half year old recently decided she was terrified of bugs. This meant she would scream every time she saw a bug. And this made eating outside impossible. And we love eating outside because we don't have to sweep the floor afterwards! ;) 

So on a mission to desensitize her to bugs, while also throwing in some educational and busy activities, I created these bug themed activities for both her and my almost five year old.

In addition to educational and fun bug activities, I really wanted to work on some scripture memorization with my kids, especially since they aren't attending Sunday School or nursery at church.

Since my kids don't read yet, I used my symbol writer from Widgit Online that I use to create special education materials. This way they can "read" the pictures!

This small scripture card is fun to use with these bug erasers. We can cover up a picture every time we say a word or cover the words and take them off as we recite the verse from memory!

Working on tracing and coloring is always fun too!

Here they can sort through the bugs and match to the bugs on the card. The bug tongs are fun to use to capture and inspect real bugs too!

I love this book, "All God's Bugs". It talks about all the bugs God created, counting, and has suggested activities at the end and stickers to place on each page.

We also used the bug erasers to graph and sort the bugs.
(On the back side of this graph there is a sorting page with four circles to sort the erasers by type.)

All pre-made kits have been sold out. A bug kit includes:

🐛 12 vinyl bugs and laminated matching page
🐞 15 mini erasers to sort and graph
🐜 1 set of bug grabber tongs
🐛 laminated memory verse with symbols for beginning readers
🐞 memory verse coloring pages with symbols or tracing
🐜 All God’s Bugs sticker and activity book
🐛 NOT INCLUDED: add your own bin and a sensory filler such as rice, lentils, beans or shredded paper
Need more? Add on extra tongs or books!

disclaimer: small items, not for children under 3

Or you can prep yourself - for personal use only/not for profit

🐛 free download: memory verse, coloring pages, tracing pages, and bug sorting page
🐞 Bug Mini Erasers (amazon affiliate link)
🐜 Bug grabber tongs (amazon affiliate link, or Oriental Trading)
🐛 Vinyl Bugs (amazon affiliate link, these look similar to the ones I purchased from Oriental Trading)

Some more fun bug activities

We made a game and Gavin played for hours!

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