Saturday, October 29, 2011

Remember Wordle? Well Tagxedo is SO much cooler!

UPDATE: I added screen shots of the pictures so you can see my creations even if you don't have Mircosoft Silverlight - and if you do I left the Silverlight ones up as well since they're interactive and that's pretty cool too! 

You seriously HAVE to check this out! Tagxedo creates clouds out of blog feeds, song lyrics, papers, really just about anything you have words for AND you can choose a variety of different shapes for your cloud (along with different fonts, colors, ect.)
Here's mine that I made from Breezy Pink Daisies feed.

And one from the Moulin Rouge song "Come What May"
Guess what song this one is!
I know I really like hearts - and they have a few heart options which I love! But there are other shapes as well, so to prove it:

The book of Philippians in the shape of....
If you make any please share! :) I know everyone would love to see them! Also, guess on that song (the green one)! I hope you can get it right! Think country...

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Wedding: DIY Mr. and Mrs. signs

So the night before my wedding (seriously, at like midnight) I decided I really wanted DI Y Mr. and Mrs. signs at our head table. I used supplies that I had on hand to make these signs for NO COST.
Mr. and Mrs. Wedding Signs
I had two pink signs framed with hearts (bought at Michaels on mega clearance after Valentine's Day by my Father-in-law) that I painted white. (Sorry, I don't have any pictures of the progress!)

Then I picked a font that I like and typed Mr. and Mrs. on my computer. I then free-handed it (the visual helped though - is that still free-handing?) using the opposite thin end of my paintbrush - it helped me actually make it look neat! I work best under pressure!

I then went to sleep and got a good night's rest! :) I brought the signs with me to the church the next morning where my girls and I got ready.
My dear friend and bridesmaid Elizabeth bejeweled my signs while we were getting ready in the morning with my favorite never ending supply of jewels I picked up at Hobby Lobby.

Love my jewels! And love my signs. I'm so happy with how they turned out - our table would have been so boring without them!
DIY Mr. and Mrs. Wedding Signs
Like them? AHH! I loved them - sometimes the little things make the biggest difference! :)
Please let me know if you make something like these or if you've made anything like these! I'd love to see yours! Partying at some of my favorite places!

So, would you like to see more Wedding posts?
Yes! Please!!!
Not Really!


Sunday, October 9, 2011

Because I just have to share: My wedding dress deal!

AHH! I'm so excited to be sharing this with you! :) In case you didn't already know, I just got married this June. I'm loving married life by the way. And so glad the planning is OVER and I can simply enjoy being married with my favorite person ever! :)

Anyway, as I'm sure EVERYONE knows - weddings can be terribly expensive. The perfect wedding dress alone can add up to quite a bit! I struggled a little bit with the thought of paying hundreds of dollars for a dress that I would wear one time. And yet I still wanted a beautiful dress that I could feel beautiful and special in. I went dress shopping a few times to get an idea of what I liked. Trumpet style. Some ruching. Sweatheart neckline. Little train. And anything that added a little extra something - didn't want my dress to be too simple and white.
Then I searched online. I searched Craigslist - like daily. It was during one of my daily Craigslist searches when I saw "the one". So, most brides have their "moment" when they try THE dress on - my moment was definitely on the computer when I saw this beautiful dress - which had never been worn - for just $50 - in downtown Chicago!!! I brought one of my dear friends and bridesmaid Rita Jo along and we headed over to a little Jewish neighborhood, met a sweet girl who had changed her mind on her wedding dress, tried on the dress, and walked out with a $650 dollar wedding dress (she still had the tags) for just $50!!!

So I bet you want to see it....
Yeah, I really didn't need to see that many pictures to see what my dress looked like - but I wanted to make sure you got the whole picture! :) I loved my dress. It was perfect for me - especially since I get such a thrill saving money. It was hard for me not to share my sweet deal with everyone, but as I'm learning, not everyone likes to hear of such a great deal like that. Imagine that!! Well, that's why I have such great blog world friends that I can share this with! Thanks for reading!!!
Would anyone be interested in a wedding series? I could share my other frugal finds and other ways I helped make my wedding cheaper less expensive?!

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