Friday, June 14, 2013

Because my niece is just so cute...6 month pictures!

You might remember, I took my niece's 3 month pictures a while back, well, 3 months ago to be exact, and just recently I took her 6th month pictures. She is such an adorable chunky baby, so I thought you might enjoy these pictures. Just be warned - these will probably melt your heart!
6 month picture w/ stuffed animal 
  photo IMG_6487.jpg 6th month picture bw  photo IMG_6517.jpg 
  photo IMG_6533.jpg  photo IMG_6537.jpg 
Isn't her Noah's Ark nursery awesome? Painted by my father-in-law! And he's colorblind too! :)
 noah's ark nursery 
 noah's ark nursery mural 
 Oh my gosh, that last picture makes me crack up every time! Such a cutie :)

Monday, June 10, 2013

Chevron Painted Bulletin Board

A while ago I picked up a bulletin board from the curb. It was in pretty bad shape but I figured I'd be able to do something fun with it.

And recently, I have fell into the chevron craze. And I've fallen hard. I know I'm late but it' just so cute!!! How did I not see it before? I currently want everything to be chevron!

Unfortunately, chevron isn't the easiest thing to paint. (Why couldn't I just be obsessed with stripes or solid colors?!) I started to draw a grid with pencil on my bulletin board by tracing a sticky note pad. Then I drew in the diagonals of each sticky note box. I used a tissue box as my straight edge and oddly enough, it was the perfect size (weird, right? I like to think of it as resourceful!). So after a few lines, I stopped tracing the sticky note pad and just used it to put the tissue box in position. Confusing enough??? I don't know, but it worked for me!

After all of my diagonals were penciled in and I had my chevrons, I started painting them in. I was going to do multiple colors, but then I liked the way it looked with just one. Did you see my instagram "in progress" picture? If not, maybe you should follow me on instagram @breezybriejoy! Exciting stuff, I tell you!

Oh, I also painted the frame blue. I used the Americana acrylic paints - "Mulberry" and "Deep Midnight Blue" that my mom picked out for me. Good job mom!
I had some extra space on the bottom because my bulletin board didn't have equal post-it note spacing... This made the other side look silly. I painted in the little triangles at the bottom and that helped.

 (sorry about this last picture being a crappy phone picture...I had already uploaded the other pics on my computer and was too lazy to do it again!)

And now it's just chilling on this rack thing in my garage. I might hang it up some day...but we'll see! Currently featured on our bulletin board is Lydia, the girl we sponsor, our adorable niece Heidi, a save-the-date for our best friends who are getting married on October 5 (we set them up), a wedding picture (it will be two years tomorrow!), and a card we got when we moved into our new house.

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