Tuesday, March 27, 2012

There has been a murder...

There has been a murder! Don't worry, we caught the killer...unfortunately, after I (Josephine, the french maid) was murdered as well!

I went to my first murder mystery party this weekend and I was surprised at how much fun it turned out to be! I was Josephine, the french maid, and Kevin was Geoffery, the butler.
Kev and I went to a few thrift stores before the party to help complete our costumes. We found a vest for him ($2) and fishnets (50 cents) and a lace curtain (49 cents) for me! The rest we had or borrowed from my in-laws.

I had a black lacy dress, but, obviously, as a maid I needed an apron too! Preferably lacy too :) Luckily we found this odd shaped curtain thing - I drew on the picture so you'd be able to see where I got all the parts from!

I started by cutting off "A" - this would be the part that would tie around my waist. Next, I cut "B", the flap part of the apron. I folded the curtain in half so that I would cut it more evenly Photobucket 

 It now looks like this. See the bottom layer of lace is already there for me! I flipped the B "flap" part over the A - tie around my waist - section, and hand stitched them together, just enough so it would stay. Photobucket 
Next, I hot glued the other lacy layers (C and D) because I really am not very good with a needle - and the hot glue worked better anyway!!

And that's the apron! I used section E of the curtain to add a little lacy to my cami at the top of the dress. And section F was a bow for my hair :)

Here's my little trick for putting bows in hair. Tie the bow onto the bobby pin and then simply pin the bow in your hair! Super easy, and then if you decided to change your hair five times after you put the bow in...you don't have to redo the bow five times!

Good night and sleep well knowing that the murder has been handcuffed and bought into custody! :)
Oh, and I won the best dressed award! Thank you, cute, oddly shaped, little, lacy curtain!


  1. Sounds like a fun night!!! I have never been to one of these parties. Good job on the costume, it does look great!!

  2. What a cute apron! Found you via Follow Me Wednesday. Following. :)

  3. What a great use for an old curtain and congrats on your costume win! Looks like you guys had fun :-)
    I'm stopping by from the hop and following you along. Would love for you to check me out.
    Take care,


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