Sunday, November 4, 2012

DIY {No Crease} FOE Hair Ties

Have you heard about the new fold-over elastic, no snag, no crease hair ties? Also known as Emi-Jay hair-ties? Apparently they are the new cool thing. To be honest, I thought they looked weird the first few times I saw them, but it was one of those things that grew on me. Plus, hearing that they don't leave those annoying hair-tie marks in your hair and don't give you ponytail headaches made me want to try them out!

These hair ties are sold at Emi-Jay or Anthropologie (both $12 for 5), or you can make your own!

I choose to make my own (no big surprise there). I was inspired by this tutorial by Simple Medicine that I pinned here. I bought 20 yards - 5/8 inches wide - of fold-over elastic HERE for $12.

I cut the FOE into strips of 9 inches. I choose to make my "tail" on the hair-ties a bit shorter than the Emi-Jay ones. I don't need another little tail in my pony tail :)
The first hair tie I knotted frayed as I was knotted something had to be done about that! I singed the edges of the elastic with the flame of the candle which sealed them perfectly. This was fun, because, well, I like playing with fire. I also thought using glue on the ends would work just as well, if not better...but I didn't try because I was having fun with my candle.

Tie the hair tie like you're tying a water balloon, making the "tail" an appropraite length for you, and Ka-Boom, you have a hair tie!(Or lots of them!!)
These are addicting to make and easy. In two days I used up 17 of my 20 yards (the other 3 yards won't work well for the hair ties, so that's why I didn't use them).

And, of course I had to display them cutely. I had fun matching colors that I felt looked good together. And now I have a hair tie for every outfit :)
Plus, I have to say, I'm impressed. These hair ties truly don't leave creases in my hair and they are so comfortable on my wrist - no digging into my skin! I haven't gotten a headache while using these hair ties yet, but I would only get those occasionally so I can't say anything about that for sure. I never thought I'd be this happy with a hair tie! Try them out if you haven't yet!


  1. These hair ties make me want to have hair long enough to use them. So cute!

  2. I admit I'm still a skeptic about the no crease thing! I swear my hair gets creases from just a measly couple minutes of clipping it back when I partition it to use my straightener! But these hair ties are really cute and I might have to try them out for myself...thanks for the tutorial!


  3. Beautiful and functional! Thanks for sharing. xx -Monica

  4. I LOVE this DIY - would make fabulous gifts too.. What a great idea!
    Nikki at

  5. LOVE these - you were featured on the Do Your Thing link party this week! Come grab a button:

  6. Where did you find the cards to put them on? I love these!

  7. Thanks for linking back to my blog! Lovely tutorial. These hair ties save me from those icky "I tied my hair too tight" headaches :)

  8. Hey everyone!!! I have an etsy shop with hair ties that I've made! If you're interested in seeing what I have, check out:



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