Sunday, December 9, 2012

Chocolate Peanut Clusters

I love this time of year. I love everything Christmas! :) I have also been enjoying doing my ONLINE Christmas shopping. Went to the mall today and didn't even end up getting anything because I didn't want to wait in line...will continue to look for deals with free shipping. ha

Anyway, I did a cookie exchange at work with some of the other teachers and aides. (Whoever first thought of the idea of a cookie exchange deserves a prize, or at least an extra cookie!) I love trying all different kinds of cookies without all the work. Plus, now I have some pretty sweet recipes.

I made chocolate peanut clusters, which, if you read this title, you probably already figured out. They have four different kinds of chocolate in them, so yeah, you're going to love them!

And I made them in the crockpot! Crazy, I know.
chocolate peanut clusters in a crockpot
It's super easy too. Dump everything (as seen in the above picture) in the crockpot, peanuts last. See/print/download my recipe here - I got the recipe card design somewhere and can't find it - if I find it again I'll post a link to the template!
Chocolate peanut clusters recipe

Cook for 3 hours and don't stir it until you are done. That was hard for it's a great time to work on your patience.

Once your 3 hours are up (or close enough) stir and spoon on wax paper. 
Oh, and if you don't have wax paper, empty out your cereal boxes and combine them together or put the cereal in bowls for the next day, and cut up the wax paper bag to use. Totally worked like a charm and I didn't have to make the hubby run to the grocery store for me. And...a greased cookie sheet works...but they are much more difficult to get off.

chocolate peanut clusters
 crockpot chocolate peanut clusters
They were delicious. Everyone loved them! I forgot to take a fancy plated picture for you, so this is what they looked like after I spooned them all out, but I had a lot of compliments that they looked like Fannie Mae chocolate peanut clusters. I love fancy, simple things. Plus, this makes over 100 - so perfect when you need something for a lot of people! What's your favorite Christmas cookie/dessert to share?


  1. Wow...I love that you did this in your scorched chocolate! Genius!

  2. Those look amazing! And I love that you used the crockpot!

    I'm doing most of my Christmas shopping online too. In fact, I now have my credit card number memorized because of all the online shopping I've done recently! haha


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