Saturday, February 2, 2013

Plato's Closet $1 Clearance

One of my favorite times of the year...

Plato's Closet $1 clearance event!
Plato's Closet $1 Clearance Sale
Do you see all of that clothing?? 19 items for $20.66 (high Illinois tax...)

I got 2 coats, 2 pairs of jeans, 10 sweaters, and 5 shirts. Some of the brands include Big Star, H&M, American Eagle, LOFT, J Crew, GAP, Forever 21 and others. I was most excited about the Big Star jeans. I didn't even look at the size and they fit perfectly! (My store does not let anyone try on items during this sale.) Those would have cost me at least $70 in a "real" store and were marked for $40 to sell at Plato's before they went on clearance. They are my favorite brand of jeans!

Check out your Plato's Closet and see if/when they do their clearance event. My store does it in the winter and the summer each year.

So excited to wear my new clothes!
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If you've never gone to this event before, let me warn you, it gets a little crazy, because well, people are crazy! My recommendation: become one of those crazy people (just a little!) - grab first and think later. So if you see something that you think it cute, grab it. Later, when your arms are getting tired find a corner and go through what you have. That is when you get a chance to look at sizes, check for damages (like holes or broken zippers), and decide whether or not you really think what you grabbed is cute or not!

Have fun! I hope you'll be able to go to one too!


  1. Wow what a haul! We have a Plato's closest near us in Michigan.. I wonder if they have this same sale.

  2. Stopping by from the Meet and Greet Blog Hop to say hi! HI!

  3. I just went to the nearest one by me because of this post. And I was so disappointed- there were about 20 items left...and some looked like items that goodwill wouldn't even put out! What location in Illinois did you go to? I went to the one in Schaumburg.

    1. No way! That's so sad. I went to the one in OP and they had a TON of clearance. My sister-in-law went to the one in the Oakbrook Terrace and also found really cool stuff.

  4. Thats awesome! So many excellent pieces.

    I'm a new follower from the blog hop. :)

  5. What a steal! Thanks for mentioning this shop. I didn't realize we had one in our area until now. Definitely worth checking out.

    Handmade Cuties

    p.s Thanks for stopping by my blog and following me. I'll be visiting you often =)

  6. New follower. Thanks for hosting. Would love for you to visit my blog ~ ~ and follow back. Story told about me probably how I used to play school and was bossy! LOL!!

  7. What a great find! I'm inspired and going to check out our Plato's closet today! New follower from the Meet and Greet!

  8. I'm a little bit envious! I see some great looking clothes :)
    New follower from the Meet and Greet

  9. looks like you totally scored some awesome finds! i'm a new follower via the meet & greet blog hop :)

  10. What an awesome score!! Sounds like a ton of fun. And congrats on the jeans! I have a hard enough time finding jeans that fit perfectly when I do look at the size ;)

    New follower from the M&G Blog Hop -- thanks for co-hosting! Look forward to perusing your blog more :)

  11. Hi, new follower! Thank you for co-hosting! hope you will return the favor..

  12. OMG - such an awesome score! I can't believe you got all of that for $20! I've never been in Plato's Closet. Ours doesn't have amazing $1 sales. I think the best deal right now is BOGO clearance items.

  13. New follower from the blog hop!

    I am seriously impressed with your stash! I only shop clearance for my clothes, but haven't tried consignment shops like Plato's before. I will have to check it out sometime, definitely looks like you found a ton of cute stuff!

  14. great items !! :D can't believe that for all those clothes you paid only 20$!!!
    what about follow each other?

  15. I didn't know they did this! Thanks for sharing!


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