Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Etched 9x13 Bridal Shower Gift

Last Saturday was my sister-in-law's 1st (of 3) bridal shower. I made her my favorite wedding/shower gift to give - a personalized etched baking dish. I am a HUGE fan of personalized wedding gifts and they were always my favorite ones to receive. Plus, I feel like it's easier to remember who gave you unique gifts rather than ones from the registry, just saying.

I added a few more fun goodies to this 9x13 glass dish. See the dish brush? It has a face and its holder is a black dress! :) Too fun! And who doesn't need kitchen gloves with a bright green flower attached? Clearly, I'm a very practical person when it comes to the kitchen.
Etched Pyrex Glass Dish
For more info on how to DIY glass etching, see my tutorial here. I had fun with this last name, since it is so short, I was able to do it nice and big! But they are so many possibility with glass etching. Someday I want to do on 3 letter monogram etched, that would look super cute too.

And the shower went beautifully, but I didn't get any pictures with me in it...except for this one that I didn't even know was taken until I saw it on facebook. But I'm using it because this post needs another picture and I like my outfit! Ha. I'm on the far right with the adorable blue bubble necklace.
I have another DIY wedding/shower gift in mind that I hope to get working on soon and showing you as long as it turns out! Do you give any personalized gifts for weddings or other events? I would love to hear your ideas (feel free to share links to tutorials too!)


  1. What a cute idea!! :) Thank you for sharing and posting this!! :)
    :) Rebecca

  2. This is such a good idea! I usually just buy gifts off the registry or send a gift card because I'm lazy. haha! We are going to a wedding in June, so maybe I'll make them one of these.

    1. Thanks Sam! And just to clarify, I don't think buying gifts off registries is bad - ha, I have definitely done that and know the bride and groom appreciate those gifts too (maybe even more since they picked them out)! I just like to have fun with gifts when I have the time. It will be so easy with your silhouette!

  3. Looks like so much fun! I love the etched glass! And that brush handle is too funny!

    1. :) I know, right? I almost kept it for myself! Anything to make washing dishes a little bit more enjoyable is a good thing, right?


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