Wednesday, July 3, 2013

My little Oreo & Free Stuff for Puppies/Dogs

 I absolutely love having a puppy (okay, she's technically a "dog" but i think I'll always call her a puppy because she's just so darn cute) and it's also been fun finding free stuff for dogs since we've gotten her! I figure I have to share some of these deals for the rest of you who have puppies (or okay, dogs) as well!

First, quite a few things are free for pets that are adopted from shelters. At the shelter we got her from (PAWS), she was already spayed/neutered, mirco chipped, and up-to-date on all shots. Plus we got a free vet visit within the first two weeks (which worked out great because we got her antibiotics to help with the kennel cough she had). And no matter what shelter you adopt from, you can get free food for a month from Pedigree! So if you've adopted a dog recently, sign up here for free pet food.
 The treats in that picture, my husband and I got for free from liking Natural Balance's facebook page - sadly they no longer have the free coupons, but they do have other coupons so it might be worth it.

Right now, you can sign up for a free Iam's Welcome kit, which says you'll receive offers and coupons. I only just signed up, so we'll see what happens there! I follow Raining Hot Coupons to stay up to date with deals and is where I heard about the two I just mentioned.

Oreo loves her toys...and she also loves tearing them up as you can see above! Ha! So since it is garage sale season I've been picking up cheap stuffed animals and storing them so I can change them out after she has pulled all of the stuffing out of them!

I have also gotten Oreo a few treats on Doggy Loot. You get $5 for free for signing up through a referral link, plus shipping is always free too. What they carry changes frequently, but I have gotten her an elk antler (which are amazing, they're clean and they last forever - she LOVES it!) and all natural pet treats for under $5 with the credit (one under my name and the other with my husband's). Plus, if you refer someone who buys something, you get $10! (The link above is my referral link so if you use it I will get credit and so will you!)

If you follow me on Instagram (@breezybriejoy), you'll see Oreo featured occasionally :)
Picture 1: Where she waits for me every morning as I get ready.
Picture 2: Why we can't leave her in the house out of her cage when we're gone - she'll try to escape to find us! But at least we learned how to replace our window screens.
Picture 3: Kevin and I were having some drinks and Oreo really badly wanted in on it. We gave her an ice cube instead. Fair trade, right?

So, any other dog deals/coupons that you do? Please share!


  1. Oreo is so cute! I used to buy stuffed animals at Goodwill on half-off day, but Ringo destroys them within minutes, so it's not even worth spending 50 cents on them. I like Bark Box. It's not cheap, but it's fun to get new toys and treats for the dogs every month. I originally bought a Groupon for a subscription and we ended up liking it and signing up for 6 more months.

  2. okay so I might need to get on this cool website for puppy treats...tell me more!


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