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Hi! I’m Brie! This picture is a couple years old but one that brings back sweet memories for me. My sweet baby Evelyn is a month or two in this picture and never wanted to be put down. So Gavin and I would spend hours reading while she napped on my chest. His little arm around me and her on my chest...even though I was about to go crazy reading yet another look and find book...was perfection. šŸ’• And that, to me, is such a great picture of motherhood. Small sacrifices but so much love! And such a full heart šŸ’—

This used to be my craft and lifestyle blog, ha, I thought I was so cool. I don't plan on totally redoing this blog, but will use occasionally as a way to share more photos and links to motherhood and more like toddlerhood related posts.

You will find me on instagram more often then you will here - Here's my space to share mom life and toddler/preschooler ideas, so thanks for joining me here @BreezyMotherhood!

 love doing activities with my kids and sharing them with others! I also have a special education account @BreezySpecialEd as I was a special education teacher before I started having a kids. I still love to support and create resources for teachers even though I’m no longer in the classroom. 

My husband and I were married June 11, 2011. Hard to believe it's been nine years already!
Check out my wedding album HERE, our honeymoon scrapbook HERE, and, why not, our scrapbook from our first year of dating too!

Speaking of love :) I have a God who loves me and I want my life to be a reflection of him. I am by no means perfect but he loves me anyway! I am blessed beyond measure and strive to serve Jesus Christ with all of my heart and with all of my actions. I would also love to pray for and encourage you - feel free to send me an email with any prayers requests or questions :)

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