Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Thrift Store Goodies!

I am so excited! I love thrift stores, well, I actually have a love/hate relationship with them depending on my current luck, but right now, I LOVE THEM!

I just discovered a store called Savers - kinda like Goodwill, but has nicer things. (I love Goodwill, just stating a fact here.) Anyway, it's a chain, so you should see if they have one by you! I thought their clothing prices were high, but they have great purses and shoes at cheap great prices!

See what I got! Only 1 item pictured was not from Savers...I got a few other things today that I have some craft / DIY projects in mind for, but I'll make you wait to see them until I get those done!
I can't believe the prices on the Coach purses I found and the Louis Vuitton! I was so excited - I couldn't believe how cheap they were! All 3 of the purses I bought were brought in on the same day that I got them - so it just shows that thrift stores really are just dependent on when you go! As soon as something good goes in, it likely won't last long!

I saw the Bears jersey as I was walking out today, and was shocked to see it was only $2.99! Just in time for football season! It's a boys XL so it fits me pretty well. Here's some up close and personal pictures of my finds, just because I like them so much!
I'm so happy with my purchases! (As you can see, someone else likes my boots!) I wore the wedges all day today just to see if I could do it - what a good work out!

Hope you are finding some sweet thrift store finds as well!

O, and this was the sad part...when I don't fit into shoes I've fallen in love with... I found adorable B.O.C. sandals at Savers and Chacos at A Wise Penny - I've always wanted Chacos, but both pairs were about two sizes too small...I tried! Here's what I missed out on...
Only $5, and I'm pretty sure they still have these same sandals at DSW! So sad...

Ever since I was a camp counselor I have wanted Chacos but haven't wanted to spend $40 on flip flops... My heart almost skipped a beat when I saw these at the thrift store, and for only $4!!! Why couldn't the person who donated them have larger feet! :)

Have you had any thrift store luck lately?


  1. I'm IN LOVE with that wristlet. And the other Coach purse is fabulous as well! So, when you're ready to donate them back to Goodwill, let me know first-- HAHA! Great finds, I love thrift stores so so much.

  2. I L-O-V-E Savers! I go there every Saturday…no joke! I love the purses you found. What a deal!

  3. Thanks for visiting Growing Up Gardner! Your comments made me laugh. I see now why you wrote "pink!"
    New follower!

  4. Wow, now seeing your finds, I'm impressed with the condition. I'm wishing I had purchased that footstool we spotted there... oh regrets.

  5. So when I opened my inbox and saw "Brie has left a comment on..." my first thought was "When did I comment on my own blog?" Then I realized it was just another person lucky enough to have an awesome name! Thanks for your sweet comment, I appreciate it! And I think we need to go thrifting sometime so you can teach me how to find these awesome deals!

  6. I love Savers! Have you gone there on $1.00 day yet - that's a great way to get even better deals! I've gotten J.Crew and Ann Taylor dresses new with tags for a BUCK! Crazy!


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