Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Clock: From Blah to BEAUTIFUL!!!

Here's a fun and easy project that I made a while back and wanted to share with you! I apologize for the lack of pictures, but I'll try to explain it as well as I can without them!
To begin with my clock looked something like this...
Blah and boring is right! Enter: scrapbook paper and Cricut machine....

I took the clock apart and removed the circle part that had all the numbers on it in order to trace and cut out my scrapbook paper. I decided to just cut out 12, 3, 6, and 9 - and used flowers for all the numbers in between! I wanted to make sure everything was in the right spot, so I used a push pin to push holes through to the scrapbook paper (my new background) where each number was located on the original clock background.

So, I put it back together, and TA-DA - a beautiful clock for practically NO ADDITIONAL COST! :)
Sorry about the flash, but what do you think? :) Partying HERE!


  1. So simple to do but it makes it such a difference --awesome job!

  2. Wow that looks great!! I love getting inspired by things like this, I will be posting a craft post soon showing off what I have been up as well...hope you can find some inspiration!! I may just have to make a clock now :)

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  4. I like it I really like it super cute and so many different ways it can be done

  5. Adorable. I love the little flowers instead of the numbers.

  6. What a great job! I tried to do this once but didn't want to do all the numbers, using a picture instead is a great idea! Saw you on linky party and now gfc following you, would love it if you popped by my blog, Karima :)

  7. Oh goodness, that is a fantastic idea! I used to have an old clock I could've fixed up like that, but I just barely donated it! Dag, too bad I didn't see this earlier.


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