Sunday, September 11, 2011

Tonight's Curb Side Treasures

So my DH and I were headed off to Jewel tonight to make some money on giftcards and we passed a coffee table on the side of the road. Surprisingly, DH turned around willingly and I hopped out of the car to check it out!
Decided against the coffee table...but next to it was a lovely little basket filled with hangers and a box full of picture frames! Now, I might be a garbage picker, but I'm kinda picky too so I started rummaging through the picture frames not wanting to grab the entire box! I found one picture frame that was still in the wrapper, so I grabbed that, along with the basket. (The basket had a lovely little Santa man candy bowl in it that I decided to leave behind. Who knows, maybe the garbage man will like it. haha)
 I'm actually pretty excited about the hangers too because I'm using some cheap wire ones right now because I have too many lots of favorite shirts! :)
Ah! What a perfect place for the basket!!! The blankets are excited to have a home. Good thing I have an adorable little end table painted so beautifully that compliments my new basket!
Well, that's all for tonight! I love finding curb surprises!


  1. Dang, apparently I need to keep my eyes open curbside! Ha ha, and I have been doing the gift card thing too... so much fun.

  2. What an awesome find! Lucky duck! I love the top of the basket (the fancy ball thingies). Your blankets are really cute! Did you make them?


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