Sunday, September 30, 2012

Curbside to Roomside Dresser DIY

I have a new favorite Wednesday night activity - driving up and down the streets checking out TRASH! :) haha, it's true. We need a lot of furniture, and I figure if I can find something on the curb, even if we only use it for a little while until we find something better, it's totally worth it.

And, I figure, as long as I stick with wooden furniture I'll be okay. Don't know if I could ever pick up a couch/chair after watching this on the Big Bang Theory...
Anyway, I took my friend Rita on one of these trips with me, and we found this dresser. It had definitely seen better days, but it had all of the drawers and they opened nicely, so we picked it up!
I tried to use de-glosser so I wouldn't have to sand, just like I did for our kitchen cabinets. But it didn't seem to work on the dresser, weird, but whatever. I also decided, since this is just a dresser from the curb, I wasn't going to spend a lot of time on it. So I decided not to sand or prime...

I used some paint that the previous owners had left in the garage, a nice off-white color. And then I bought some oil rubbed bronze spray paint to give the hardware a quick makeover (new hardware can be expensive!). So, all I spend on this dresser was the $7 for the spray paint - and I have plenty left that I will use for other projects! 

Here's the final product in our spare bedroom! Not bad for off the curb, right?!
Upcycled Dresser Makeover 
 Dresser Makeover from the curb 
Have you ever picked up something sweet from the curb? Did it need a makeover too?!


  1. Ha! I love that episode of Big Bang! Dresser looks so nice!

  2. LOL Yeahhhhhhh Big Bang kinda ruined that for me too :) My 12 year old is in love with the show American he is my partner in crime and we keep our eyes peeled for curbside treasures ALL the time! My goal is to totally do my craft room/mom cave in curbside castoffs. So far I have scored a huge Armoire that is very shabby chic but I love it that way.....when we grabbed it the owners gave us the matching dresser!!! My son has found a flat panel TV that actually worked and his stereo was a curbside find too...go figure!

    1. That's amazing! I love that they gave you a matching dresser too. I used to be embarrassed if someone saw me taking something from their trash, but I'm sure they're happy someone else can use it!

  3. Turned out great! It's amazing what a little paint can do

  4. Wow!!! Great job, girl! The dresser looks fantastic!!

    I always want to be able to find something from someone's trash like this, and make it into something fab. But, I never do. :(

    Found you through the linkup.

    Newest follower! Swing by my page if you can.


  5. I love The Big Bang Theory! Anyway, the dresser looks amazing! I'm convinced that white paint can fix anything! Great find - I never find good stuff on the curb!

  6. Oh I love it!! The dresser and the fact that it was curbside! I love those finds..and I love the paint that lives in the garage from other ppl. I have a bunch now. too :) Ha

  7. It's beautiful. The hardware really pops against the white paint. Found your blog through the {Im}Perfect Sunday Linky party.

  8. I LOVE the big bang theory and that was such a funny episode! The dresser is beautiful! Good job!

  9. Geesh! I'm super behind on your bloggy! I love free crap. Especially free furniture crap. Especially free furniture crap painted like white amazingness! Yay! Looks really good! I did that with a dresser in my bedroom. The paint has held up for 4 years (it's finally starting to peel so Christmas vaca... painting free dresser!) But I likey!

  10. AH-Mazing transformation! and you can't beat free! I love it!

  11. Great job!! Coming over to say hello and thanks for following my blog! I'm now your newest follower! Love your projects :)


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