Monday, October 1, 2012

Special Education: Work Skills Schedule

 Update 10/18/12: This post has been moved to my *NEW* special education blog, Breezy Special Ed. Head on over to see this post on Work Skills Schedule.
Special Education Picture Work Schedule


  1. Love your job chart! I need to add pictures/icons to mine. How do you rotate/decide who gets what job?

    I have 8 students, and their jobs are:

    -lunch supplier (packing up our wagon with supplies for lunch and, if able, pulling it down to the cafeteria)
    -office assistant (running errands to the office/picking up printing/helping make copies/checking staff mailboxes)
    -carpet sweeper (broom and dustpan on our classroom floor after breakfast)
    -laundry specialist (doing our class laundry - bibs from breakfast, washcloths from breakfast and desk cleaning)
    -librarian (putting books from our return bin to their correct categorized bin in our classroom library)
    -circle time helper (helps lead circle/morning meeting)
    -paper shredder (this is my students' favorite job! they love running the shredder!)
    -substitute (fills in on any job if another student is absent or otherwise cannot do their job that day)

    Each student has one job at a time, and they have the job for a week, and then we rotate. My students get "credit" for each day of the week they do their job, and at the end of the week if they have done their job each day, they get a ticket towards our reward system. Kind of introducing the paycheck concept in a simple way.


    1. The shredder is a favorite at my school too! It's pretty sweet, we actually are doing shredding for the entire school right now! :) Honestly, I don't have a great method on rotating the jobs...I just look at the needs of the students and try to give them jobs where they could use the skills or need the sensory input...but I really should make it more organized because it's kinda a mess with me trying to move all of the pieces around and a lot of my staff is like, "but he did that last time..."

      Also, since "work skills" is a class we have 50 minutes for jobs, so I try to give most students two jobs to do during that time, because 50 minutes is quite a long time...but at the same time I wonder if they should have the same job for that long because they should get used to it? Not sure yet. I love how you have students working in the classroom library - I have students going to our school library and straightening books - but my books could definitely use some help getting put back in the correct spots!! :)

      Love the paycheck concept - I need to add that!


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