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Truck Play Dough Activities and Memory Verse

There is so much to explore with construction and trucks! I had a lot of fun creating this sensory kit and my kids definitely loved playing the trucks. (Side note: yes, girls can like trucks too, but it might help that she has a big brother!) The homemade play dough and all of the loose parts kids can move around in the trucks is what makes this set so much fun and keeps them entertained for so long too.

Construction truck sensory bin and imaginative play for preschool and toddlers

Like many of you, I am home with my toddler and preschooler this year - no school and no Sunday School / nursery at church either. Sigh. But we are making the best of it! This year is going to be fun! And while I don't want to do a formal preschool curriculum, I want to make sure we are having fun, using our imagination and exploring some academic concepts as well.

In addition to that I want to help my kids start to hide God's word in their heart. So that means reading our children's Bible (we love the Jesus Storybook Bible), reading scripture to my kids, and listening to Seeds Family Worship (amazon affiliate links). I'm also including a Bible Verse in each themed sensory set that we do. This set is Colossians 3:23 - Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for men (people).

The possibilities really are endless with a sensory kit like this, but sometimes it can be helpful to have ideas on what topics to work on, so here's a few ways you can use the activities in this kit:

Colossians 3:23 Memory Verse: Put the card up and read it when you talk by it throughout the day. talk about what this means to you. 
Construction truck preschool sensory and academic activities for homeschool
For example, this means all the work I do is important because it’s doing it for God. Even if no one sees, God always sees our hard work and is proud of us!

Free printables include the memory verse card, symbol verse coloring page, partial tracing coloring page (shown) and then a full tracing coloring page as well.

Game: Add a dice and some game pieces (you can use rocks from the kit) and have fun!

10 frame: Have child count out 10 by putting one rock in each box. 
Construction truck themed 10 frame for preschool homeschool math
Have them put a certain number away in a truck and ask how many are left in the frame.
Ask them out count out any number by placing rocks on the form. Combine trees/rocks/logs to make 10! There are so many ways to explore number concepts visually using the 10 frame.

Additional Concepts to Explore:

Logs: big, medium, small + most, more, least
Preschool imaginative construction truck activities

Play dough:
squish, roll, squeeze
Construction truck sensory kit and activities
Trucks: full/empty, fits/doesn’t fit

While playing with everything: Count, describe, compare, explore, use your imagination!

Purchase a Pre-made Kit for $15 local pick up only *limited quantities available*

  • 3 trucks (varies, you may request option 1 or 2)
    • Option 1: larger dump truck, jeep, trailer with spinning drum
    • Option 2: smaller dump truck, front loader, roller
    • Option 3: surprise me!
  • 1 container of homemade black play dough
  • 3 mini trees
  • 9 mini "logs"
  • 20 pebbles
  • 2 construction signs
  • 1 shovel
  • 1 container for the small pieces
  • laminated memory verse
  • laminated board game
  • laminated 10 frame
  • choice of memory verse coloring page
    • symbols
    • half tracing
    • full tracing
Email me HERE (or feel free to message me on FB) with your order and include your choices for trucks and memory verse page!

disclaimer: small pieces, not for children under 3

Construction Truck activities for Preschool and Toddlers

Or make your own - for personal use only, not for profit

  • FREE DOWNLOAD: kit instructions/ideas, memory verse, board game, 10 frame, memory verse coloring page: symbols, half tracing or fill tracing

Additional Truck and Memory Verse resources:

Our tried and true favorite Construction Books

Finally, see my Pinterest Board of Construction Truck themed activities HERE.

Happy construction truck playing AND learning!

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