Sunday, November 20, 2011

My DIY Wedding Card Album

So today I saw something on pinterest...and actually completed the project today! I'm usually not that on top of it! Check out my wedding card mini album totally copied from inspired by Something Turquoise!
Wedding Book full of Cards
So, for the last 5 months my wedding cards have been sitting in this lovely basket. I didn't know what to do with them! It's not like I could just throw them out - there are so many beautiful ones in there and some really nice notes from friends and family.
See! We got a TON of cards! What am I supposed to do with them all? Well, thank you wedding card album idea!

So, I went through and found the largest card. I then cut out some cardboard (from a cereal box) just a little bit larger than the larger card.
I then decorated the front of my album (you'll see this in the final pictures!)

The back I covered with solid sliver paper and attached the ribbon (leave plenty of room on both sides of the ribbon to make sure they are long enough) with two small brads.
Next, comes the hole punching. Thankfully Pysch was on while I was punching all of these cards so it didn't seem too awful. I punched one card and then marked where the circle should go on the rest so I could make sure they would all be even.
I tried to put them on a ring, but only about half of them fit, so I used some ribbon instead of an album ring. It works great as well!
Organize Wedding Cards - make a Card Album
The flower are ones that I have leftover from our $10 wedding programs. I attached 3 of them together with a silver brad. I had to add a picture - because I'm obsessed with pictures!The K and B were stickers I got from Pier1 - and the "+" sign is actually the pieces that came from the inside of the B!
Organize Wedding Cards - Wedding Card Album
LOVE! If you have any questions please ask! If you make one PLEASE share! I think I'll make these for the rest of my life. Just think - what a wonderful way this will be to store Christmas cards over the years. (And there won't be as many Christmas cards as wedding cards so it will be even easier!)

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  1. Brie! I absolutely LOVE it!!! I am so happy that you liked my tutorial! Fantastic job, great pictures... this will be an inspiration to many! New reader here :)

  2. That is a really great project! Found you via the blog hop. :o) Nice to *meet* you. Love making new blog friends.

  3. Great idea! Your finished product looks great, I bet you are happy :)
    Thanks for popping by my blog recently!
    Have a great week :)

  4. What a good idea! Yours turned out so cute! I have a box of cards somewhere that I should use to make one of these.

  5. I've given you the Versatile Blogger Award! If you would like to accept, please visit my blog for the rules :)


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