Sunday, August 5, 2012

Moving tomorrow!

We move tomorrow morning!!! Our final walk-through is at 9:30 and then our closing meeting is at 10:30. After that, we can MOVE IN!! Woot woot

This is our 3-step plan :)
Monday: move-in small stuff, paint trim
Tuesday: continue to move in small stuff, paint our bedroom, dining/living area
Wednesday: movers will move our furniture, paint kitchen

Here are the colors we have chosen so far:

For the trim - Behr's Swiss Coffee - it's an off-white, couldn't find a sample picture online (semi-gloss)
Bedroom - Behr's Gulf Winds - the blueish color (eggshell)
Living/Dining Room - Behr's Comforting - the tan/brown/pink color (eggshell)

I still need to pick a color for the kitchen - hence why I've "scheduled" that room for Wednesday! I'm thinking either a green or a blue (maybe a purple if I'm feeling really daring). It will connect with the comforting color and will also be on one wall in the dining room.

I will be sure to take before and after in-progress pictures. Hopefully I'll be able to post some right away tomorrow night, but I'm not making any promises.

Not quite sure how I will be painting tomorrow. I think I did too much research and am overwhelmed with all the different techniques!  I've heard it's best to wipe everything down with a TSP cleaner and to mix the paint with some sort of paint thinner so that it stays wetter on the walls. BUT the guy at Home Depot told me it's not really necessary and he just paints right from the can (well after he pours it into the paint roller thingy). Really, Home Depot I'm just confused. I also can't decide if I should tape or rely on my cutting skills/a wet rag to fix my mistakes! lol Any suggestions?


  1. I love Swiss Coffee.. that is an awesome color.

    As someone who paints A LOT.. I don't do anything other than pour from the can and paint.. I don't really prep the walls with TSP unless it is slimy/greasy. But you do want to keep the edge you are working on wet.. so only paint as much as you can keep wet when rolling/painting back towards the area you have already done.

    Just go in small sections and you will be fine.. Once you do your first few feet you will feel like a painting pro!

  2. Hi Brie! I hope your move goes smooth tomorrow!! Thanks for dropping by my blog! I am following you back now!:)


  3. Ahhhh! That's so exciting!

    I just paint straight from the can too. And like Kim, I don't wipe down the walls unless they are slimy/greasy. I never tape because I'm too lazy, but I'm pretty good at cutting in, so it works out.

  4. How is it going? It sounds so exciting. :)

    Thank you for linking up at the I Love My Online Friends Monday Hop. I have returned the follow. Your blog is too cute. LOVE the name.


  5. Congrats on your move girl! It's SO exciting yet stressful. Can't wait to see how the painting turns out!

    xoxo ♥ Shar

  6. First, happy moving! How exciting! Second, because I think you have a great blog, I have passed the Versatile Blogger Award on to you! Check it out

  7. Hi Brie - hope your move went well!

    I'm commenting because you asked about teaching US history. I don't really, except when it shows up as a unit in our curriculum, Unique Learning System. For example, September's unit is on government, specifically leaders (will cover local through national laws and leaders and some about the presidential election). In the past we have had units about the Pilgrims, or general "America then and now," or presidents, etc. But I don't explicitly teach history on a regular basis.


  8. Ok, too funny. I'm painting my bedroom with the Swiss Coffee paint!!! I just saw your comment on my blog, Breezy Days, I'm excited to get to know you :) new follower!


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