Friday, June 14, 2013

Because my niece is just so cute...6 month pictures!

You might remember, I took my niece's 3 month pictures a while back, well, 3 months ago to be exact, and just recently I took her 6th month pictures. She is such an adorable chunky baby, so I thought you might enjoy these pictures. Just be warned - these will probably melt your heart!
6 month picture w/ stuffed animal 
  photo IMG_6487.jpg 6th month picture bw  photo IMG_6517.jpg 
  photo IMG_6533.jpg  photo IMG_6537.jpg 
Isn't her Noah's Ark nursery awesome? Painted by my father-in-law! And he's colorblind too! :)
 noah's ark nursery 
 noah's ark nursery mural 
 Oh my gosh, that last picture makes me crack up every time! Such a cutie :)


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