Monday, August 5, 2013

DIY coasters + wine and stuff = cute bridal shower gift

I found this cute bottle opener / wine cork set at a garage sale. And knew there was a themed present to be made! Add a nice bottle of wine (I chose a pink moscato from Trader Joes) and some homemade coasters and it all makes a great combination.
Homemade themed wedding shower gift
I thought about getting their wine glasses (or at least some of them) off their registry, but they had already been bought. Also, you could get a pair of wine glasses and etch "Mr." and "Mrs." on them to complete the gift. Wouldn't that be cute?
DIY coasters + wine and stuff = cute bridal shower gift
I thought about doing a tutorial for these coasters, but I think it's just about the most well known tutorial on the internet...

Basically, the tiles are 4x4s from Lowe's for 20 cents each, I cut out scrapbook paper and mod-podged them to the top and did a few more coats over the top, and added black felt to the bottom. If you have any questions let me know, but they are super easy to make!

 You could easily make them personalized by using photos or by adding a monogram. (However don't print something out and expect to use it with mod podge - it probably won't work).
And that was the last of 3 bridal showers for my sister-in-law! YAY! Now it's wedding time come this weekend :)


  1. That's such a cute gift and I love the idea of adding Mr. and Mrs. wine glasses! But seriously, anyt gift that include a bottle of moscato is a good gift!

  2. What a cute gift! I love how your coasters turned out.

  3. I love wine. Anything wine is my friend.

    I have to ask how you balance everything with your teaching career? I feel like I need to channel you. I feel like I am doing fabulous as a teacher but lack personal life stuff. Is that normal? How do you keep friends? lol. I'm so glad to have met you through blogging! Yay for internet!!


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