Monday, July 25, 2011

My "Fancy" Vera Bradley Plastic Drawers

Wish I had a before picture...but I don't, so imagine with me a black dirty plastic drawer thing with random red scribbles and crazy skater-type stickers on the top. I see this on the curb and think, "hey, that looks like fun" so there starts this mini adventure!

So, what to do with it? Well, I love the Vera Bradley pattern, "Mod Floral Pink" (see below) and even though I am not artistic, it's pretty easy to draw while looking right after the pattern. So my inspiration...
So to start off (after I clean it of course) I sprayed the entire thing with green spray paint. Why green? Well, 1) I like the color green 2) I randomly had it on hand

Then I cut some cardstock to be the sizes I needed, spent some nights watching TV and drawing to create the top and the drawer fronts.

I then glued the large sheet on top, then realized it wasn't protected, so put clear contact paper on top.
Also, I tapped the papers to the inside of the drawers so I can write on the outside with a dry erase marker, so if I ever want to change whats in the drawer, not a problem!
I know it's not perfect, but it didn't cost me a thing since I used supplies I already had! :) I like it.
I'll move on to more high quality things soon(er or later!)

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