Thursday, July 21, 2011

New Fun & Easy Hairstyle - Three Banded Buns

So I just discovered a sweet blog yesterday called My Yellow Sandbox.

It's pretty awesome. Abby took on a 30 day hair challenge, where she decided to do a special hair style each day...and...she left video tutorials!

So I wanted to try one out BUT my hair looked pretty nasty, how crazy curly hair gets when you wash it and then just throw it up in a messy bun the night before, but I was excited to try a new style out. It honestly took me probably 3 minutes.

I tried Abby's “Three Branded Buns" :) I'm happy with the way it turns out. I'm really happy with how it looks considering how my hair looked before and how easy it is! I will definitely be doing this again!!!

So, here's what it looked like!!
 Cute. yes?
So, here I'll try to explain it a little. I sectioned my hair off in thirds and then did a low messy bun for each. I also used some bobby pins to keep pieces where they belonged. Really, SO easy!
Yup, so that was fun! You should try it and let me know how it goes! This would look so cuter on hair that isn't super frizzy...

Get the book here!
Abby has an awesome Hairstyle Tutorial E-book with all of her fabulous hair styles and video tutorials!!! Check out the ebook here.

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