Monday, February 27, 2012

Let's get together, yeah yeah yeah...

So this is kinda a bittersweet moment.

First let me get excited: I have 95 followers via GFC!! YAY! Thank you everyone who is following my blog - you make me feel SO special and I love hearing from you all!
Now here's where I get kinda sad - so apparently GFC is going away in a couple of days...and that means I'm might lose some of you amazing people!

So...can we stay bloggy friends? Follow me some other way(s)!!!

So many options, hope you find one that works well for you! Thanks for re-following!

Oh, and let me know how else I can be following you!!! :) I hope we can stay connected!!!


  1. Following you on Linky Tools and Bloglovin' now! =) I signed up for Bloglovin' today so feel free to follow me through there too!

    Jill @ Create.Craft.Love.

  2. I will certainly be following via one of these things, thanks for the heads up!!

  3. ...and Good News!! I read today that Google is only discontinuing GFC for non-blogger sites, so you should be good to go!!

    You shouldn't lose it on your blog.

    You can read more for yourself here:!/2011/11/more-spring-cleaning-out-of-season.html

    Love your blog, btw - the colorfulness is soooo wonderful!! : )

  4. I just started a new account on BlogLovin', you are totally on it! And to be honest... I didn't even know GFC was going away. But it isn't the most effective program in the world, so I don't mind leaving too much. :)


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