Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter

Happy Easter!! I put together a playlist of all of my favorite worship songs. We were listening to these songs after church today - love them! You can listen to my playlist HERE (or below)!!
Have you ever used grooveshark before? I'm new to it and might like it more than Pandora! Well, the two are very different so I'm not sure if it's fair to compare them, but with grooveshark you type in what songs you want to listen to and ta-da, they are ready for you to listen to them! So, it's great for days when you know specifically what you want to listen to! And I tend to be picky like that. You know those days when every song on Pandora is a "dislike" - yeah, I have a lot of those days :)

Happy Easter again! Hope you all had a wonderful day!


  1. In Christ Alone is one of my favorite worship songs...We sang it in Easter services this morning. Though I can never get through it anymore since we sang it at my grandpa's funeral last year...but it's still a favorite! Happy Easter!


  2. I'm a couple days late, but I hope you had a happy Easter!


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