Sunday, April 15, 2012

What I Wore (on Thursday)!

Lately, I've been noticing quite a few bloggers who do "what I wore" posts...and got to thinking - hey, I wear clothes everyday, maybe this is something I could do! Also, it could be good for me to document my clothes choices, because I'm pretty sure I wear the same things over and over again...

So here's what I wore on Thursday!
I really love this shirt. It's so flowy and silky. I have fun playing with it... 
Shirt: Forever 21 ($1 - Plato's Closet) 
Black pants: Express ($2 - Neat Repeats thrift store) 

haha, and I put on some shoes later!

. Photobucket 
And I liked the way my hair turned out,. It was day 2 of "dirty" hair, so it definitely needed to be pulled back! I used about 3 bobby pins to fold over the hair as you can see, and after the picture was taken I added a hair tie because I wanted to make sure my ponytail would stay in place all day! 

So I'll try doing this for this next week and post it all at the end of the week and you all can let me know if you like it! :) 


  1. hey lovely lady! I'm following you back from Our lovely life..I love seeing what other people are wearing,so I heart that you're doing this from now on! Also I'm training myself to get used to "dirty hair"..haha I hate it, but probably my hair is happy!

  2. I love that top! Wish I was tiny enough to fit into things from Plato's Closet. I feel like if I went in there dressed in my typical Ann Taylor (LOFT)outfits they'd laugh me right out of the door. ;-)


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