Tuesday, February 28, 2012

6 Reasons Why Running is Bad for Your Health

Working out is bad for you. Specifically running.
I decided to compile my excuses reasons for not running and working out. Hopefully this helps un-motivate some of you, or at least feel better about your non-existent work out schedule!!

1. Running is bad for your heart. People who run often and for long amounts of time are more likely to have heart attack. Seriously, this just happened to a 29 year old man that went to my college.
2. Running is bad for your joints. Just about all of the runners I know have bad knees, have needed knee surgeries, or have serious foot problems! And this is even before they hit their thirties!
3.Running can make it more difficult to get pregnant. I have a friend who has stopped working out and is trying to gain some fat so she can get pregnant. I'm not making this up - read about it here.
4. Seriously, running makes you smell bad. Seriously - the smell of my college roommates when they would come in from a run...haha, enough said.
5. Running can make you sick. I was just talking to one of my teacher friends today, who told me she has gotten bronchitis almost every winter, but hasn't yet this year...she said probably because she's not out running in the cold!
6. You could slip and fall and hurt yourself. This one is specific to running on slippery areas - listen to your local lifeguards - no running!

So, feel good about yourself for not running, and yes, grab that bowl of cookies-n-cream ice cream instead - you deserve it!


  1. I'm having one of those days. Never got around to working out today, so never got around to taking a shower. I just ate not one, but 2 twix bars. So much better:)

  2. Yes! Just the un-motivation I needed! And just a side note - if you don't want to run, you burn just as many calories walking a mile as you do running a mile. Just sayin'.

    - Lindz

    1. no way! seriously, why run then when you could walk?! I could probably do the whole walking thing!! :)

  3. The nurse in me disagrees with a couple of points... i could use a little cookies n cream though..

  4. Here's my addition to the list...

    *running on the treadmill makes me motion sick!

    I'm totally satisfied with not working out :)


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