Thursday, February 16, 2012

Thrifty Thursday: Plato's Closet - $1 clearance event!

Welcome to thrifty Thursday! 
See all the items in the picture below? I only paid seven dollars for everything here! You can't even do that well at thrift stores! :)
Plato's Closet has a $1 clearance sale twice a year when all clearance items are only a dollar!
The items I got included 4 dresses, express jeans, lucky jeans, and a Columbia coat!
Check your Plato's Closet to see when they have their $1 sale! The Chicagoland Plato's Closets will have another $1 sale July 7th and 8th.

Here's my haul from this past summer sale- including express jeans, gap jeans, and seven jeans, express and forever 21 shirts, and - of course - more dresses!
And here I am wearing my $2 outfit for the night! Back in the summertime...
Have you ever been to a Plato's dollar clearance event? Be sure to mark your calendars for the summer!!


  1. WOW! You got such a good deal! All the pieces you bought are so cute! It looks like I just missed the clearance event at the Plato's closet near me :(

    1. Thanks!! I know...that was kinda mean of me posting about it after it ended!! haha, but get excited for their summer sale - it will come quicker than you think!

  2. Wow that's a pretty awesome deal!


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