Friday, May 3, 2013

Monogrammed Etched Glasses DIY

I know, I know, another bridal shower gift post, but you'll love these monogrammed etched glasses! I guess it's just that time of life for me :) But this was actually a gift that I helped my friend Melissa make for her sister.
 Melissa is quite similar to me in that she also loves to give unique gifts. She is also a special education teacher too! However, she is getting married and moving to Wisconsin which isn't really cool...but I'm so happy for her that I'm okay with it. Anyway, so Melissa got her sister a set of glasses from her registry, and decided to turn them into monogrammed etched glasses. Out comes the Armour Etch and vinyl!

You can see here that we used the outline of the circles cut with a Cricut machine, and then cut out letter Vs for the middle. This way the V would show up inside of a circle.
 Quick pause here to say that Melissa's parents actually have the same glasses, and I was drinking water out of one of their glasses while working on etching these ones. Well, I picked up a glass to put the circle outline on...and spilled the water all over myself. I mean, seriously, like all over. It was actually quite funny. Anyway, back to the tutorial!

We dabbed Armour Etch onto each glass and let it sit/brushed it around for about 5 minutes and then brushed the etching cream off (putting leftover cream back into the bottle),  rinsed off the glasses in the sink, removed the vinyl, and ta-da!
So beautiful. A set of 12 custom monogrammed etched glasses (and for just $10 - we had all of the supplies on hand so the only cost was the glasses themselves)! I bet she loved them, I know I would!


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  3. What a great idea - just love it. Thank you so much for the tutorial.


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