Monday, May 6, 2013

My New Fur-baby ~ Oreo

Say hello to the newest member of our family! Yes, I am now a very proud fur-mom. Her {new} name is Oreo and we adopted her from a local animal shelter on Friday. We make such a cute family, right?! :)
I went with my sister-in-law as soon as school was over because I saw three dogs on the website that I thought were worth checking out. Well, we got there, and "Pepper" was playing behind the front counter. We asked to see her and immediately fell in love! She was so friendly, jumping all over us, laying on her back so we could rub her belly, and even giving us kisses. She was calm but still had energy. Her previous owners gave her up because they couldn't afford her any longer. How sad! Anyway, the shelter closed at 4:00, but reopened at 7:00 that night, and they said my husband had to meet her before they would let me adopt her.

Well, dear hubby had Iron Man 3 tickets for 7:45, and was concerned he wouldn't be able to make the movie on time. Seriously?! Movie or amazing future dog?! Luckily, I was able to convince him. So, we got to the shelter at 6:50 with two cars so he'd be able to meet "Pepper" and make it to his movie :)

Of course, Kevin also fell in love with our dog and after signing a few papers, she was ready to go home with me!!! She was kind of a shaggy mess but still adorable.
Saturday morning, we brought her to the groomers, who she ran right up to, seriously, this dog loves everyone, and left her there for a couple of hours so they could work their magic. What a difference! You can now see her eyes!

I called my little sister Kayla saying we were stumped on the name. I couldn't decide if we should keep the name Pepper or change it to something else. Kayla decided Pepper doesn't sound like a girl name so we needed to change it. Okay! Kayla came up with some great dog names, including Coco, Hershey, Oreo (do you sense a theme here?), and Zailey. I loved all of those, but we decided to go with Oreo. She has a little white belly so the name is perfect.
We took her to Pet Smart and got her a fancy name/dog tag. (And she's mirco-chipped too.) But isn't her tag cute?! I wanted to get the adorable Martha Stewart collars and leashes, but at about $15-$20 each I just couldn't do it. Instead I got a fun black and white houndstooth (with a red back - they didn't have pink!) collar and leash set at Five Below...for just $5.

Well, this post is getting pretty long but I'm sure you'll be hearing more about her soon! Poor girl has kennel cough and has been coughing/hacking/throwing up since Saturday. Poor girl. We've been trying a lot of different thing to hopefully help her feel better and I'll have to let you know how those go. Apparently, this can last for a few weeks. :( Here she is at night with the humidifier and her bed and the towels because I really would rather her not puke on the floor (and she knows better than to puke in her bed!)
Poor girl was coughing up blood when I got home from school today. Broke my heart. but called the vet and they didn't seem to think it was a big deal. Also, it got everywhere and I spent a good 45 minutes cleaning it all up... not fun for either of us. Hope she gets better soon! I love her to pieces!!!


  1. Yay! You did it! So glad you guys went ahead with getting a lil pup! She is seriously adorable and having her will be so much fun over the years! Can't wait to see more pictures of that precious face!

  2. Congrats on being a puppy-mom! Sad about the kennel cough, hope she gets over it quickly!

    Everyone deServes to Learn

  3. Bree,
    Congrats on the new baby (pup)!! I love the name Oreo, she's so cute!! I have a little malti-poo named Pocahontas that I just love to pieces, so I know exactly how you feel. If she coughs, I freeze, because I hate to think that she is uncomfortable, or in pain, etc. Have fun, dogs are amazing!


  4. Congratulations on the sweet new addition to your family!!! Hope she feels better soon :)

  5. She's so cute! I'm so excited for you guys! Getting our dogs was one of the best decisions I've ever made and I can't imagine not having them around - I'm sure you'll feel the same way. I hope she feels better! Poor Oreo!

  6. She is super adorable! I hope she starts getting better quick!

  7. Awww little baby pupup dog! I of course am totally a fan of the terrier mix, since mine is from the same doggy family tree. They are freaky smart and lots of fun! Plus they are so adorable. She looks gorgeous after her haircut. I love it! Yay for Furbabies!

  8. congratulations pretty friend! I loved loved loved getting Paisley, best decision and purchase we've made as a couple. I hope you guys love your precious oreo a TON! She is super cute!!! Enjoy the puppy mama life! :)


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