Saturday, April 28, 2012

What DO you teach? Unwritten Sped Curriculum

Update 10/18/12: This post has been moved to my *NEW* special ed blog, Breezy Special Ed. Head on over to see this post on Unwritten SPED Curriculum.


  1. Thanks so much for linking up! I also do things that cause other teachers to look at me like I'm crazy, such as intentionally getting in my students' way when they are trying to complete a task or interrupting them when they are trying to have a conversation with someone else! It's amazing all the things we do each and everyday besides teach the standards!

  2. Great list! It's interesting...your students need to learn to knock because they walk away at a closed door...mine need to learn to knock because they just walk in!


  3. I sorta dated a guy that was a SPED teacher at one of the middle schools in our area (I'm going to be a high school English teacher.. if I can find a job. haha) and I have a deep admiration for the things that you guys do. One of the things that I think regular (bad term) teachers should do is really incorporate some of the skills that SPED teachers use in their classes into everyday curriculum. *small bows repeatedly*

  4. I appreciate your work so much! My husband is a special ed teacher. He taught Functional Life Skills for 4 years (I don't know if you have that... his student's had to have IQ's lower than 70... bottom 1% of the population)... I can't imagine spending a day in his class. He burnt out, though. Now he co teaches science and had no idea how easy his day could be!

    As a pre-k teacher, I need patience, too. Every year I have at least one student who is undiagnosed sped. So I like to call myself a "nearly sped" teacher. Everything you've pointed out is right now. Teaching is HARD. Non-educators have a hard time understanding. I surely didn't before I became a teacher! :)


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