Friday, April 20, 2012

What I Wore this Week

Here's the first official "what I wore this week" post! 
Also could be called, "look at all my awkward poses"!!! 

(Let's pretend Friday didn't exist - it was track day/green(earth) day/school spirit day...boring)

Which was your favorite outfit of the week?

Which outfit was NOT thrifted? There is only one!

Vote because it's fun! And I'll post later with the results and tell you a little bit more about which one was not thrifted and the deals I got on the others! :)

Updated 4/24: 
The favorite outfit of the week was Thursdays with a 43%! (It was my favorite too - glad we have the same taste!

And...most voters thought that Wednesday (67%) was the non-thrifted outfit - when actually it was Thursdays - which got 0 votes for which one was not thrifted!!!

 Monday: ($1 shirt - thrifted; $2 Express dress pants - thrifted)
Tuesday: ($2 Express shirt - thrifted; $2 New York and Co pants - thrifted)
Wednesday: ($0 sweater - Macy's when they had the "buy denim - get a $10 coupon" sale. I bought capris for $8, got a $10 coupon, used it to buy this sweater for FREE!; $2 Express dress pants - thrifted)
Thursday: ($10 Forever21 shirt; $18 Banana Republic dress pants - outlet store)

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